Dr. Davey Presents First Public Data on ELCT

Although the ELCT (Evans Letter Contrast Test) has been adopted for worldwide macular degeneration clinical trials by several pharmaceutical companies, public data has only recently been made available. Dr. Pinakin Davey from the Western School of Optometry was the first to present validation data for the ELCT at the 2015 ARVO meeting in Denver. Dr. Davey tested and retested a total of 40 subjects and patients to determine the mean contrast sensitivity values and to evaluate the reliability of the test. His team found the test easy and quick to use, with no systemic test/retest errors.

Dr. David Evans recently traveled to visit Dr. Davey to discuss his study results and future research projects. Dr. Davey and his team at Western University are evaluating a number of different contrast sensitivity tests including the CSV-1000 and the ELCT. The attached picture shows Drs. Evans and Davey with the VectorVision contrast sensitivity tests (along with others) in the research room at the eye clinic. VectorVision plans several follow-up collaborative studies with the School and Dr Davey.