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The CSV-2000

Powered by AcQviz Patented Standardization Technology

Change in the practice of eye care is occurring at a rapid pace. Clinicians and researchers now recognize that acuity measurements using non-standardized Snellen or Sloan tests are inadequate to fully measure a patient’s visual function. Contrast sensitivity, contrast acuity, glare testing and ETDRS acuity have been adopted worldwide to measure the quality of vision related to eye care treatments.
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The Worldwide Leader in Standardized Vision Testing


The first and only All-In-One digital vision tester with STANDARDIZED contrast sensitivity, glare and visual acuity.

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The recognized Worldwide Leader for standardized contrast sensitivity, ETDRS and glare testing.

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The only large-format standardized ETDRS testing device, allowing for testing up to 20/200 ETDRS Acuity at a distance of 4 meters.

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Why VectorVision?®

As treatments evolve, so must the testing technology

For the last 30 years, VectorVision® has specialized in the highest quality standardized vision tests, most notably contrast sensitivity, glare testing and ETDRS acuity. With the introduction of the CSV-2000, the standardization technology applies to the full range of vision tests in a computerized format.   The standardization for our newest product is based on patented technology called AcQviz. With the variety of non-standardized vision test modalities being used today, it is not uncommon for a patient to have 20/30 in one room and  20/40 in another. This variability has caused the FDA and other agencies to require standardized test lighting for vision tests. VectorVision is the only company that overcomes these variability issues with vision testing and offers automatic standardization, which ensure consistent, repeatable and highly accurate results. All you have to do is turn on the devices, and they automatically calibrate to the recognized standard of 85 cd/m2. This accuracy is why VectorVision products are being used in a wide range of clinical trials and by doctors in 60 countries to evaluate eye disease and measure the quality of vision.

Introducing the CSV-2000

During the last 20 years, the VectorVision testing equipment has become the worldwide benchmark for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS acuity testing.

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All In One Vision Test

Over the last 20 years, VectorVision testing equipment has become the worldwide benchmark for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS acuity testing.

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