CSV-1000 Shows Tinted Lenses Improve Vision for Diabetic Patients

Over the last few years, a number of researchers have investigated various methods to improve visual performance. Beyond the traditional enhancements related to diminished focus. Glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery (such as LASIK) improve visual performance in patients whose vision is blurry due solely todefocus. Although there has been a great deal of focused research (pun intended) in this area, it does not address the vision problems associated with things like eye diseases.

Visual problems associated with diseases  like diabetes and macular degeneration are due to the deterioration of retinal tissue, meaning they are unrelated to how well images in the eye are in focus. A means to take vision enhancement beyond focus-based treatments would be a welcome lifestyle improvement for many eye disease patients. Likewise, athletes who require high visual performance — such as baseball and tennis players — want to have best focused vision as a start, but also would find a competitive advantage in any means to improve vision beyond focus.

Recently, researchers in Iran found that certain types of yellow lenses improve vision in patients with advanced diabetic retinopathy. They tested the contrast sensitivity (CS) using the CSV-1000 of 51 patients who were wearing lenses with various wavelength filters. They found that for lenses with 527 and 510 nm filters, CS at 3 and 6 cpd significantly improved compared to these patients’ CS when no filters were worn. They also found that filters of 450 and 550 nm had no effect on CS.

This data suggests that the CSV-1000 can be used to identify — in certain patients — the types of lenses or filters that can enhance vision, even after the eye is in proper focus.

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