Dr Alio Presents Importance of Contrast Sensitivity Testing at ESCRS

Professor Jorge Alio presented his research results for a new trifocal IOL at the recent ESCRS meeting in Barcelona. A world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon based in Alicante, Spain, Dr Alio outlined how the IOL performed for different viewing distances, contrast sensitivity and patient satisfaction. He was surprised to find how good the level of contrast sensitivity provided by the trifocal lens was relative to monofocal IOLs, “because with a monofocal the light energy is bundled and not scattered over several focal points,” as it is with a multifocal or trifocal IOL. He also noted the concurrence between contrast sensitivity and the measure of patient satisfaction. He went on to stress that with the emergence of a wide range of treatments for presbyopia, measurement of the quality of vision using contrast sensitivity is of paramount importance so that surgeons can determine how patients see in real-world low contrast environments with the various treatment mediums.

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