Real-world Simulation Used to Better Manage Cataract Patients

Ophthalmology Times recently published an article in its U.S. and European editions emphasizing the importance of using real-world simulations to educate cataract patients and their families about cataractous vision loss. Cataract patients often cannot detect the vision loss because it occurs gradually over a number of years and affects both eyes equally. Further, standard high-contrast acuity tests, such as used in the driver’s license bureaus and many eye doctor offices, cannot adequately measure it.

Two of VectorVision’s long-term clients are highlighted in the article. Dr. Glenn Pomerance from Chattanooga, TN and Dr. Cynthia Matossian from Bucks County, PA explain how they have incorporated the CSV-1000S into their practice regimen in order to better educate and improve the management of cataract patients, and to build better communication with family members. (An example of a low contrast image used in the simulation is shown below.) The CSV-1000 is the only instrument that offers a standardized real-world driving scene for rapid screening of cataract patients.

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