Ophthalmology Times Article Describes Benefits of Contrast Sensitivity Testing for Clinicians

A recent article in Ophthalmology Times provides insight from two well-known clinicians — Prof. Dan Reinstein of London, UK and Dr. Gregory Pamel of New York City — about the value of contrast sensitivity testing for their practices. In the article, “Contrast Sensitivity Metrics Extend Beyond Measure of Vision,” Prof. Reinstein outlines his use of the CSV-1000 and explains that he finds it extremely valuable for the evaluation of the quality of vision for corneal refractive surgery patients; both pre-operatively and post-operatively. Dr. Pamel describes how CS is highly useful for documenting the need for cataract surgery, pre-operatively and post-operatively evaluating enhancements for refractive surgery patients. The use for education and managing multifocal IOL patients is also highlighted.

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