London UK – Contrast Sensitivity Course

At the recent ESCRS meeting in London, Dr David Evans participated as a faculty member in a course about contrast sensitivity (CS). Dr Gregory Pamel was the Course Director. During the course, Dr Evans covered the scientific basis of testing contrast sensitivity with sine-wave gratings and how it compares to standard visual acuity as a measure for real-world vision. Dr Pamel provided detailed information about the clinical significance of contrast sensitivity testing for cataract documentation, evaluation of refractive surgery outcomes and the use of CS testing to aid in evaluating the need for and results of re-treatments after initial refractive surgery. He also provided the most recent CS findings for new methods of presbyopia correction, including FDA trial data from ReVision Optics and AcuFocus. Dr Pamel then shared his thoughts about the importance of preserving patient quality of vision when correcting presbyopia and how CS testing is an important metric to determine the best outcomes. Drs Pamel and Evans fielded numerous questions from the audience about how to use CS testing in their own clinics. These questions, and their answers, will be featured in future blog posts.