Only full suite of digital vision tests for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare, acuity and many others.

Evans Letter Contrast Test

The only standardized letter contrast test. Perfect for AMD evaluation, tracking treatment efficacy and for retina clinical trial success.


Standardized glare testing for fast and accurate cataract assessment. Proven documentation in less than 90 seconds per eye.

Contrast Sensitivity - CSV 1000

Success speaks for itself. The CSV-1000 is the world standard for contrast sensitivity testing.


Achieve perfection. ETDRS testing by VectorVision. Standardized accuracy and no bulb burn-in period. A wide range of LogMAR tests are available.

Contrast Sensitivity Testing with VectorVision

The Vision Testing Standard

Change in the practice of eye care is occurring at a rapid pace. Clinicians and researchers now recognize that acuity measurements using non-standardized Snellen or Sloan tests are inadequate to fully measure a patient’s visual function. Contrast sensitivity, contrast acuity, glare testing and  ETDRS acuity have been adopted worldwide to measure the quality of vision related to eye care treatments.

Why VectorVision?

As treatments evolve, so must the testing technology. VectorVision specializes in the standardization of vision tests, specifically, contrast sensitivity, glare testing and ETDRS acuity. With the variety of non-standardized vision test modalities being used today, from printed charts, to backlit projector slides to computer video monitors, it is no wonder that eye doctors obtain different results from examination room to examination room or from visit to visit. A patient who is 20/30 in one room may be 20/20 in another. This variability has caused the FDA and other agencies to require standardized test lighting for vision tests.  VectorVision is the only company that offers fully standardized vision testing products which ensure consistent, repeatable and highly accurate results. These qualities are why the VectorVision instruments can detect and quantify subtle changes in vision.

During the last 20 years, the VectorVision testing equipment has become the worldwide benchmark for standardized contrast sensitivity, glare and ETDRS acuity testing. We look forward to working with our clients in over 60 countries to aid in quantifying and preserving our most precious sense; eyesight.

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