CSV-2000 The first and only all-in-one digital vision tester with STANDARDIZED contrast sensitivity, glare and visual acuity.

Why the CSV-2000

Today’s eye care clinical environment requires efficient and standardized testing for a range of vision tests in one instrument. The CSV-2000 is the first and only device that provides the recognized standard for contrast sensitivity testing along with the full range of visual acuity, color, astigmatism, fixation, and other standard vision tests. By incorporating the AcQviz standardization technology with the VectorVision contrast sensitivity test, the CSV-2000 brings next generation technology to your examination room.

AcQviz Standardization

AcQviz offers patented technology for automatically calibrating the monitor light source in the CSV-2000. The auto-calibration is accomplished through proprietary technology from Guardion Health Sciences (Parent Company of VectorVision). AcQviz continuously measures the monitor light level and adjusts the level to 85 cd/m2. This light level is recommended for vision testing by the United States National Academy of Science Working Group on Vision Standards, the United States Food and Drug Administration and the American National Standards Institute. The AcQviz device is housed in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and communicates via specialized software and miniaturized hardware with the luminance control of the monitor.

Legacy Standardized Contrast Sensitivity

The CSV-2000 incorporates the same spatial frequencies and contrast levels as the CSV-1000, presented in the same format for testing. The CSV-1000 testing protocol has been the world-wide standard for contrast sensitivity evaluation for more than 20 years, has been used in more than 50 FDA clinical trials and has its accuracy and sensitivity validated in more than 75 research publications or presentations. Use of the standardized CSV-1000 legacy contrast sensitivity protocol allows clinicians to compare their patients scores to population norms and the to the published data available from the many research studies.

Practice Efficiency

Patented technology, advanced engineering and integration of the contrast sensitivity into a full vision testing suite makes the CSV-2000 a breakthrough in office efficiency.

  • Easy to Switch Between All Vision Tests in One Standardized Instrument
  • Rapid Standardized Testing of Contrast Sensitivity and Glare at any distance
  • Accurate results to compare to previous studies and normative values
  • Wall or floor stand mounted. Can be viewed straight on or through mirror.
  • Published research provides validation for surgical and other treatment outcomes.