Standardized Glare Test for Cataract Documentation

CSV-1000HGT using the S test face

The CSV-1000HGT is very effective for cataract evaluation and documentation. It is used to establish a functional acuity score for patients under non-glare and glare conditions. Many practices screen all patients over 50 years of age with the CSV-1000HGT in order to establish a baseline for glare sensitivity. The device is also useful in sports vision evaluation to determine the athletes’ visual status under glare conditions and any potential benefit provided by tinted sunglasses or contact lenses.

Worldwide Benchmark for Clinical Trials

Most importantly, the CSV-1000HGT is recognized as the worldwide benchmark for standardized glare testing and has been selected for use in more than 200 FDA and other clinical trials.

I have 8 or 9 of the VectorVision instruments in my three offices and have used them every day for many years. We use the devices for cataract screening for all patients 50 and older during their annual exams.”

Cynthia Matossian. MD
Doylestown, PA

Cataract Documentation with the CSV-1000HGT


Documentation of cataract vision loss requires less than 2 minutes per eye. A functional acuity score is provided which translates the vision loss to an acuity value for electronic medical records. The test is great for patients who have good acuity (better than 20/40) but complain about the quality of their vision.

All of my cataract patients are tested on the CSV-1000HGT. I have tried other glare tests and have found the VectorVision instrument to be the easiest and fastest to use, plus it is the most accurate. I trust the automatic standardization of the CSV-1000HGT.

Scott H. Kirk, MD
Kirk Eye Center
River Forest, IL


Ease of Use

The CSV-1000HGT can easily roll from room-to-room or hang on the examination room wall. The device uses patented circuitry to automatically standardize the testing light level. Patients can be easily tested for standardized glare and contrast sensitivity through the phoropter or trial frames, while seated in the examination chair.

The VectorVision CSV-1000 is very easy to use with my cataract patients. I consider it to be ‘a must have’ instrument for my practice.

Gregory J Pamel, MD
New York, NY

The HGT Combines Glare and Contrast for
Standardized Testing

The CSV-1000HGT is a standardized vision testing device which combines contrast sensitivity and glare testing. The glare source uses halogen lamps (which provide a highly accurate simulation of oncoming halogen headlights) that are controlled by the standardization circuitry. The circuitry monitors and controls the light levels to maintain constant test conditions throughout patient testing.

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