All of my cataract patients are tested on the CSV-1000HGT. I have tried other glare tests and have found the VectorVision instrument to be the easiest and fastest to use, plus it is the most accurate. I trust the automatic standardization of the CSV-1000HGT.

Scott H. Kirk, MD – Kirk Eye Center
River Forest, IL

The VectorVision CSV-1000 is very easy to use with my cataract patients. I consider it to be ‘a must have’ instrument for my practice.

Gregory J Pamel, MD – Pamel Vision and Laser Group
New York, NY

I have 8 or 9 of the VectorVision instruments in my three offices and have used them every day for many years. We use the devices for cataract screening for all patients 50 and older during their annual exams.”

Cynthia Matossian, MD
Doylestown, PA

“I have a CSV-1000 in every examination lane. There are no moving parts that can break, and I’ve been so satisfied with the technology that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy (these) devices if I needed to replace one. However, that has been a moot point because the units have continued to work reliably day after day for years.”

Glenn Pomerance, MD
Chattanooga, TN

“I’ve used the CSV-1000 with my client-athletes for many years, beginning with the 1992 Olympic Games in France and Spain. It’s rapid, accurate measurement of CSF is a critical part of my visual performance vision evaluation. Indeed, based on the CSV-1000’s results, I’ve optimized the fit and performance of more contact lens clients than I can count. The CSV-1000 is a must have instrument for sports vision evaluation.”

Dr. Fred Edmunds
XTREMESIGHT Performance Clinic
Dr. Fred owns a sports vision only clinic based in Rochester, NY, whose clients range from youth leagues to the MLB. He also offers sports vision practice management workshops to eye care practitioners looking to integrate this specialty into their practice.