CSV-1000 Low Contrast Acuity Tests

A variety of low contrast acuity tests can be used with the CSV-1000 or CSV-1000HGT. These tests are used primarily for screening, cataract documentation or in clinical trials. Please see the pictures and images below to learn more about the various low contrast acuity tests available from VectorVision. Other contrast levels and test types are available upon request.

CSV-l000ETDRS 10%

The CSV-l000ETDRS10% test face presents the standard ETDRS test at a contrast level of 10%. This test is widely used in clinical studies for the evaluation of refractive surgery and contact lenses.

Many Low Contrast Acuity Tests Available

Other types of low contrast acuity tests are also available, such as Tumbling E or Landolt-C. Many different contrast levels, in addition to the 10% level shown here, are available. Please contact VectorVision if you have a request for a specific type of low contrast acuity test.