ESV-3000 ETDRS (LogMAR) Test

VectorVision offers a range of tests that can be used with the ESV-3000 for evaluating ETDRS under standardized testing conditions. See the images below for a sampling of these tests. Many other tests are available upon request. (Please visit this page to learn more about the fundamentals of ETDRS tests.)


Standard LogMAR ETDRS test chart for evaluating 20/200 to 20/10 acuity from 4 meters. Chart versions R, 1 and 2 can be ordered as a set or individually. ETDRS charts for other test distances are available upon request.


Lea Symbols

The Lea Symbols chart presents various shapes that can be used to test illiterate or non-English speaking patients in a LogMAR format. The test is also used to test children. The prompt cards are included.


Tumbling E

The Tumbling E test provides an E optotype in four different angles and allows testing of patients who are illiterate or are non-English speaking.

Landolt C

Used mainly in Asia, the Landolt C LogMAR chart provides a C optotype presented in four orientations. It is used to test patients who are illiterate or are non-English speaking.

Lea Numbers

The Lea Number chart presents numbers in a LogMAR format.