CSV-1000 Trials

A Long History of Success

Since 1991, the CSV-1000 has been a mainstay for clinical trials that measure contrast sensitivity, ETDRS acuity, low contrast acuity and glare sensitivity. The self-standardized back lit system automatically initiates and maintains a light level of 85 cd/m2. This light level is recommended by the FDA for vision evaluation. The system is also easy to use and requires no maintenance, thus greatly reducing overhead in clinical trials. The cool fluorescent bulbs used in the CSV-1000 have a 20,000 hour life and draw very little energy. Using the CSV-1000 makes bulb replacement obsolete and creates an energy saving footprint. The device is also configured electrically with a universal power supply so that is very simple to adapt for local electrical requirements by using a plug cord for the country of choice.

Glare Testing

CSV-1000HGT (Halogen Glare Test)

The CSV-1000HGT provides a glare option for clinical trials. This test incorporates a standardized Halogen Glare Test (HGT) into the device so that a wide variety of vision tests can be used under glare conditions. The FDA and other agencies now require standardized glare testing for evaluation of new refractive surgery and IOL technology.

Mesopic Testing

The FDA also requires mesopic light levels for testing in clinical trials. The CSV-1000 can be used with specially designed mesopic (neutral density) filters to reduce the testing light level to the recommended testing level of 3 cd/m2.

Mesopic Wire Frame Glasses

Instrument of Choice

The CSV-1000 and CSV-1000HGT have been selected for use in numerous multi-center trials in the United States and around the world for the standardized measurement of visual capability. These studies include those for the evaluation of LASIK surgery, IOLs, contact lenses, presbyopia correction, athlete visual performance, visual impact of pharmaceutical treatments, nutritional supplements, and many others. Companies who have sponsored these trials include Alcon, Abbot Medial Optics, Bausch and Lomb, Merck, Sharp & Dohme, Pharmacia, LensTec and Johnson & Johnson to name a few.